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Plant Care

After shrubs have been established they can benefit from a little annual fertilization. Try to utilize a more organic fertilizer like bone meal or Garden Safe products which are different ratios of organic fertilizers. These along with other organic fertilizers can be found at Lowe’s or most stores that have a garden center. Utilizing organic fertilizers will help to build a healthy soil which plants will thrive in.

Pruning of deciduous shrubs and small trees should occur now before the leaf canopy develops. Dead and diseased wood should always be removed as well as any branch touching another branch.treeimage You should always do your best to make your cuts just outside the wound collar like C on the picture to the right. Never leave stubs on a plant when pruning.

Perennial plants can be fed at this time of year with the same products just mentioned. Any dead plant material should be removed now and it is a good time to divide if necessary.


To keep from stripping the bark when pruning a limb first undercut (A) 1-2” out from trunk then cut through the branch outside of your undercut (B). Then go back to trunk and make clean cut (C). This will prevent the bark from stripping off of your tree.

Ornamental grasses should be cut back to a height 6–12” in March before new growth begins. This will ensure vigorous growth and the removal of dead stems will make plant more attractive. It will also make it easier to divide the plant which should be done in the spring if necessary. You should fertilize these the same as above.

If you have mulch in your planting beds you’ll want to maintain a 3”layer to help hold moisture,keep soil temperatures regulated and weeds down.Keep mulch 1’ away from trunk of any woody plant.

Maintain proper mowing height of 2.5 – 3”, the lower the mowing height the greater the stress on the grass. Never remove more that 1/3 of the plant tissue in a single mowing. Core aerification and de-thatching is good practice in spring as long as the turf is actively growing. Fertilizing and over-seeding should be done in coordination with these practicesturfimage

Fertilize with a product like, “Scotts Turf Builder With Halts Crabgrass Preventer” in April or May and then again in June with Scotts Turf Builder With PLUS 2 Weed Control this will give your lawn the proper nutrition and help prevent weeds from establishing

Irrigate if conditions become dry.





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